16 jun. 2014

Our 3rd American champion - "Nolan"

What a wonderful news: My boy in the USA Redglen Billionaire at StripPoker (Ch. Sobers Millionaire at StripPoker x Ch. Redglen Vera Wang) owned his breeders Harold Tatro & Denise Tatro and Tony Groenendijk won Winners Dog today at the Texarkana KC show for a 5 POINT major under judge Mrs. Polly Smith! And is now AMERICAN CHAMPION - Nolan is not quite 10 months old. Wooohooooo so PROUD - This is the 3rd American champion Whippet owned by StripPoker.

NBC specialty 2017

In the ring with Anita Gielisse and showing one of her Krylataja Ljoebov Champions.